Taking Gluten-Free to the Next Level

Looking for gluten-free foods? Here you will find

  • baked goods such as breads, pies and cookies

  • soups and stews made in our gluten-free in-store kitchen

  • dry goods, like gluten free flour and pasta

gluten free grain free food symbolWhether you select Gluten Free foods by choice or because of a Gluten Intolerance, you are among a very rapidly growing dietary style.

Improving your health with a gluten free diet can be easier than you think.

Heather’s Healthy Harvest offers a wide range of gluten free products both made on site or by local producers.

  • Incorporating gluten free food recipes into your meal plans is now much easier.
  • If you want to shop from a provider of high quality, satisfying, safe and healthy foods, Heather's Healthy Harvest is your local choice.
  • What if you could take a gluten free diet to the next level? Eating gluten free may bring you the health benefits you’re seeking.

Heather’s Healthy Harvest offers the widest selection of wheat-free gluten-free foods in the Kemptville area.

Our Gluten-free Suppliers


Purest — Gluten-Free Foods

PUREST is a company that believes in giving the consumer delicious healthy choices, products that are all natural whole foods, free of any artificial ingredients. They specialize in gluten free, dairy free, wheat free and corn free natural foods.





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